As shown by successive polls, there is little enthusiasm for our membership of the EU. We are fed up with over-regulation, loss of all democracy and the nation's sovereignty, mass immigration, abuse of human rights and social benefits – but we are fed up most of all by the three main parties' refusal to discuss the EU, or to justify why they insist on locking us into a restrictive bureaucratic regime which costs us dearly and delivers absolutely no benefit.

The £87 million cut to the counter-terrorism budget looks totally stupid, since it repreesents less than two days' contribution to the EU (£90 million) The same consideration applies to other cuts which would be unneccessary if we were not obliged to pay huge sums to Brussels.

Unless the politicians commission an independent cost/benefit analysis and somehow make a convincing case in terms of jobs, industry, corporate activity, trade, defence procurement, immigration, the CAP and CFP, subjection to EU law etc, etc, and demonstrate that there are benefits commensurate with the outgoing, then the law we should be repealing is the European Communities Act 1972

Why is this idea important?

Because the EU has been imposed on us, initially by lies and misrepresentation, then by covert machination and the salami slicing of powers, by treaties to which the electorate were never party, by suppression of discussion, bullying of eurosceptic MPs and reneging disgracefully on promises of referendum – the safety valves are in danger of blowing.

Because we now have to guarantee £8 billion of euro debt. Because we may be liable for the black holes in Euro pensions. Because Lisbon has given the EU ratchet clauses, therefore Cameron cannot prevent further powers going to Brussels. Because he cannot prevent the EU regulating the City, vetting next year's budget, controlling our remaining North Sea oil and gas, imposing EU taxes on top of domestic taxes, and all the other delights they have already tabled or put in the pipeline. Because we need our fishing waters returned to our conservation and control. How many reasons do you want?

If your Great Reform concentrates solely on non-EU immigration and non-EU legislation you are just scratching the surface, and the whole exercise is a rotten sham. It is high time we got out of this protectionist customs union, brought our governance back to Westminster and ploughed our own furrow, as we have done with singular success in the past.

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