We should make these people subject to the law.

I feel sure that they are guilty of theft and this needs to be tested.

What actually happens in this is that these bully boy clampers use their size and muscle to frighten and intimidate ordinary people. They appropriate property belong to another. A persons car. Then retain the car illegally intimidating the owner to hand over an unwarranted demand using a menace. Like You will not get your car back unless you pay this much money setting a high condition as to its return. It could be possible that the owner of the land is guilty of this offence. As the clampers are merely their agent in this.

The circumstances ar tantamount to street robbery.

Why is this idea important?

Because many many people have now been made to pay this exorbitant fee and have been threatened and intimidated by these people who appear above the law as no one, not the Police nor the law has come to the aid of the Public on this one. All they are is bully boys using their size and agressiveness to get the money from the owner of the vehicle. I think the person to prosecute is the owner of the land.

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