General Dental practitioners are already regulated by the GDC and further regulation by the CQC will bring no benefits to the public or the profession. It will simply mean that valuable time and effort is wasted on proving compliance which means less time for patients. At a time when morale among NHS dental professionals especially is very low, due to the unpopularity of the new contract, the CQC registration is seen as onerous and a complete waste of time. Inspections by PCTs are already rigorous and timeconsuming. Private practices are often accredited by Denplan, BDA good practice or BUPA.  Ultimately the GDC regulates all GDPs.

As we are in a recession this would seem to be an unnecessary expense and a  waste of practice manpower at this time. It is doubtful if patients would experience any benefit for the expenditure. The CQC was supposed to be a watchdog for large health and social care organisations such as NHS trusts and private hospitals. The cost of introducing a department to police dentists will be huge- is this giving the taxpayer value for money.

Why is this idea important?

It is vital that dentists start to make their voices heard.  If we dont speak up then we will continue to have legislation imposed upon us that does not meet the needs of practitioners or our patients.

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