Here's the problem.. We have thousands of young people over the age of 16 with no direction, career focus, aims or aspirations.  They are feeling lost, invisible, ignored and hopeless. Many of these young people have not experienced many positive role models.

We also have a growing elderly population and thousands of pensioners who are scared, lonely and worried about the future. Many remember the war and were instrumental in getting the country back on its feet. They are a risk taking, no moaning generation. They come from a background where there was a strong work ethic and the most important possession was reputation and your word.

The National Citizen Service should focus on putting these generations together. Allocating young people to elderly neighbours in their communities. Assisting with shopping, gardening, pet walking and general chores. 

This would: allieviate the stress on the public purse, give both young and old opportunites to learn about cross generational factors. Teach young people to value and respect the older generation. Help them to see that its worth investing in the future as there is a life after 30 (!)

There really are so many positive things that can come from this and with TRUST and effective and sensible safeguards, it could be the best thing our country has ever done.

Why is this idea important?

Reduces crime

Give Young people confidence and emotional resilience to succeed in life

Reduce pressure on public purse as it struggles to support an aging population

Strengthens communities

Promotes the Respect agenda

Supports elderly people

Makes communities happier and safer places to be

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