At present every person working or volunteering at an organisation in which they deal with children or vulnerable adults needs a CRB certificate through that organisation.  Therefore, somebody undertaking duties for different organisations needs multiple CRB certificates.  I have 5, I know people with even more.  This is time consuming and costly.  If CRB certificates were transferrable this pointless waste would be avoided.

Why is this idea important?

The requirement for CRB certificates puts off many volunteers and this is harming volunteer organisations (scouts, sports clubs, PTA's etc etc).  Anything that reduces the burden would be welcomed by such organisations.

2 Replies to “CRB Certificates to be transferrable”

  1. This is a great idea as I can’t see any logical reason why a person should need multiple CRBs.

  2. It would appear that this is a great money spinner for local authorities, making the forms portable would mean a huge loss in revenue, so it is clear why such a change would be opposed

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