CRB Checking

Reduce the scope and duplication involved in the Criminal Records checking system.

remove many of the areas where CRB checks are currently required such as sports clubs and social activities such as amateur dramatics and parents providing lifts to school and club activities.

Stop duplication; by one CRB check does for all areas – example, if a person has a CRB check for teaching or work,  that check should cover all areas. No second and third checks needed.

Only areas for such checks should be – Teaching, but only for young children not for adult teaching.

Working with young children and vulnerable adults

Coaching, but only in sensitive areas such as swimming or "one to one " activities

Why does this idea matter?

There is massive duplication and cost because this requirment has been applied without thought to necessity and benefit or threat levels.

All the cost and inconvenience is applied to innocent majority of people who are trying to make society work and improve childrens lives.

It should be applied to those who are a threat or potential threat such as those who have convictions or warnings against them. They should be better supervised and restricted, not the innocent majority.

It will help to remove the growing stigma between adults and children which has implied that all adults have to be checked as threats.

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