Scrap CRB checks and replace them with legally binding self-certification statements enforceable by very strong prison terms.

This will have a number of benefits. First at a stroke, it will reduce the bureaucracy surrounding this requirement. Second, if anyone is caught working with children who would have otherwise been banned by CRB checks then it become easy to deal with. In addition, if anyone slips through the net and commits an offence, which would have normally been picked up by the CRB check then prosecution under this law would be quicker and more effective than relying on the evidence of a child or others in a court case.


While this is not a perfect solution to the ever-increasing number of CRB checks needed, this approach may just make it more effective.

Why is this idea important?

To speed up the employment of people working with children. To reduce the costs of administrating such a requirement and to remove the need to rely on other peoples testimony to convict those in breach of the law

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