Like many volunteers I am involved with  schools, vulnerable adults and am a foster grandparent.  All require seperate CRB checks , which have to be renewed quite frequently.( I believeits  every 6 months )


We recieve a CRB certificate so surely the one check and then presenting the certificate to the other agencies who ,if in doubt, could do an  e-mail check of the agency giving the relevant Reference Nos. from the CRB certificate . The Agency  should keep the records up to date with any latest offences and so be able to confirm or otherwise.

This would surely save money interms of admin staff and other peoples time.

Why is this idea important?

It is important because

a)  many  people, especially older citizens,  are put off from volunteering because of the excessive CRB checks and if you want to encourage the Big Society you need these volunteers

b)  It would surely save money

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