I accept the Bichard Inquiry logic of putting as many obstacles in the way of paedophiles to access children. Equally he said that a determined paedophile will always find a way. For the vast majority of people interacting with children, CRB checks are invasive, annoying, time consuming, inefficient (they take so long to come through) and give rise to a feeling that the state is pre-supposing that anyone who wishes to involve themselves in the care of children is a paedophile. Since the main element of a CRB check is to ascertain whether the subject is on the 70,000 strong sex offender register – can we not a) have one registration rather than a separate registration for every role that involves children; and b) then – i presume the CRB computer is capable of doing this – on a monthly or whatever basis, check the latest iteration of the sex offenders register with those CRB registered. In that way you would catch people who have passed a CRB check but then committed a sex crime and stop the nonsense – and bureaucractic cost – of me having to register three separate times in the space of a year for being a school governor, running a Sunday school group and helping run a youth camp.

Oh, and to cut the bureaucracy of 330,000 CRB checks of school governors. Stop requiring CRB checks of school governors. We have next to no interaction with children – and when we do it is supervised because we are observing a lesson or sitting with teachers on a school council meeting. It's just a complete waste of time, effort, money and it upsets governors and potential governors who again resent the notion that offering to volunteer one's time (and it's a lot of time) to the largest voluntary public service in the country, that one is a paedophile.

Why is this idea important?

Saves money, reduces bureaucracy burden on an overloaded government agency; reduces red tape for the citizen, stops acting as a block to voluntary activity with children.

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