Whilst I am in total agreement with most of the CRB checks for adults wishing to be involved with activities for children. What I would like you to change – and help to save money, Is that once a CRB check has been carried out then that check should be valid for all establishments where children are involved. At the moment you need a new CRB check for each school you  work at. I am a freelance and would like to offer my services to other schools. 

My wife who is also a mother of two can't help out with children who have reading difficulties at the school which one of our daughters attends  without a CRB check. We both now have a valid CRB check for one school, but need to re-apply for the other school. We are not prepared to go through this process again, hence other children will lose out.  

Why is this idea important?

One CRB check for an individual will save the government money and cut out unnecessary bureaucracy.

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