Youth organisations.  Examples, Sea, Army  and Air Cadets Scouts etc.  Where a young person joins a cadet or other youth organisation at age 13 to 15 years and they go on to stay in that organisation until they are 18 (in the Air training Corps – or the Air Cadets members can stay until they are 20 years or age), they have to complete a CRB Form and apply for clearance.  The instructors in those organisations know the members pretty well over the years of their membership and can will have a good idea as to the trustworthiness.  Why do these youngsters have to have CRB Clearance at that stage of their continuous service with the organisation?  It is such a waste of money.  Also the clearance can take upto three months.  Do sixth formers in schools who are around younger children complete CRB Forms when they turn 18?  No!  So why do cadets when in the same situation?

Why is this idea important?

It is important because in puts an added burden on the volunteer staff to administer the sceme, to make sure forms are completed and monitored, when the volunteers should be spending their time teaching and training cadets etc.  The money saves could be better spent on proper youth develpoment.  If they stay on to adult service, then I can see the point of CRB, eventhough in a lot of cases, this is another level of bureaucracy and waste of public money that needs to be looked at.  Eg having the CRB checks done every four or five years.  How costly is that?

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