CRB checks and criminal record disclosure should only be required where it is relevent for the situation. Otherwise people should not have to disclose.


e.g. a job in a bank would require the question have you any convictions for dishonesty, fraud or theft etc.  The bank would not have the right to know if they were prosecuted for urinating in public five years ago.


Insurance companies should not even be able to ask the question at all unless it relates to insurance fraud convictions. 


This discrimination by status is damaging our society. One that has a tradition of forgiveness and redemption, sadly eroded of late by media sscares, knee jerk laws and a bizarre propensity for over protection.


Why is this idea important?

It helps people who have reformed get on with their lives. It prevents further crime if people can get on with their lives. People who get on with their lives are a benefit and not a drain on public resources nor a danger to others.


Peoiple with no hope of employment or who are stigmatised by the disclosure requirment could eventually become dehumanised, this may well lead to further and more serious offending.

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