Make CRB checks  generic for use across organisations requiring them.  The current system makes no sense when organisations within a community run by, used by and supported by the same parents ,staff and local community need to endlessly repeat these checks.  I think the checks themselves are an important safeguard ,but if some form of national register or database was held, allowing organisations to apply for confirmation of a persons clearance,  this would vastly reduce the paprework and time in endlessly repeating new checks.  I can give endless examples within our small community where we parents have to repeat the checks for the local school, scout group, youth club etc etc.  Absolutely pointless exercise.  My suggestion would be to have a national register requiring individuals to reapply for clearance every two years.  As a parent I have no objection to this being done for the safety of all our children but the current system makes no sense and is massively bureaucratic.  Do it less often and more rigorously

Why is this idea important?

The current system of CRB checks is bureaucratic because it is repeated for every organisation requiring even basic help from parents or members of the local community wishing to support children in school or outside school activitiies.  An individual must currently repeat the check for every different organisation –  a pointless exercise from the point of view of the individual, time consuming and delaying in terms of possible support for organisations and I imagine hugely time consuming for the police department carrying out checks on the same people repeatedly.

It needs to be done once, thoroughly to approve someones suitability to work with children,.  This should then logically apply to any situation where the individual would be responsible for the care of a child.  This could be renewed bi-annually to take into account changing circumstances etc.

The current system is hugely unpopular  (eveidenced by many a conversation at the school gate), and more importantly makes no sense to those involved in the process.  Primary example a local parent, who is a police officer working in child protection, who is required to have a police check in order for him to help out at his childrens school and then separately at the scout group, and so on.

Apart from showing common sense, I am absolutely convinced it will free up time of the police and many volunteers giving their time for children, without any increase in risk to the childre.

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