One CRB check per person. Not one CRB check for every organisation a person works for.

It should be like a passport for volunteering. 

Why is this idea important?

I run a small voluntary organisation for families with children and  adults with autism and aspergers in Redbridge (STAAR). We depend on volunteers to run our 2 afterschool clubs which are free to users. All of our volunteers have CRB checks as they are teachers, special needs asssistants, carers for crossroads etc. Some of them have 3 or 4 CRB checks. Why do they need an additional check for our group? The expense and time spent on getting these checks is seriously impeeding our efforts to provide a service. With the cuts coming, the voluntary sector will be needed to plug the gaps. Getting rid of this duplication will greatly help groups like ours do this.

Julie rennie (STAAR- Supporting Together those with Autism and Aspergers in Redbridge

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