EMA should either be universal or scrapped so that my children who are learning a good work ethic, modelled by their parents don't end up paying for the next generation of welfare scroungers who are learning (from the state) that if you don't bother putting in the effort to work for your own income the state (tax payers) will bank-roll you. 

I know too many families where the father is earning a high salary yet, because the parents are separated, the children get EMA (paid for by me  a tax payer – not the separated mums who are having their welfare payments topped up by their rich ex-husbands and thus have no reason to go out to work) whereas because we have stayed together, although we are on middle incomes, our children get no incentive to stay on in education and have to go to work for their £30. 

Basing grants for university on the income of parents, especially those who have stayed together, creates a similar discriminatory/unfair system against families who work hard to stay together.

It is simply unfair.

Why is this idea important?

because the current system is totally unfair and discriminates against parents who work hare to stay together

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