Everyone hits hard times sometimes and society as a whole has a moral obligation to assist. However, because those who live solely on social benefits are disincentivised from working if they afre better off not working, perhaps we need a system that is based on contributions made to the system.

1) NI number linkage of service use and benefits that accrue like an annual bill that can be in credit or debit based on your level of contribution and benefit from the system.

2) It is a loan if you go 'overdrawn' that becomes payable when you are self sufficient again.

3) If you fail to repay, the debt is passed to your estate.

4) Capping of benefits is introduced – a tapering system where eventually if you fail to support yourself, the state no longer has an obligation to.

5) Failure to repay a loan affects your crediting rating and deductions from bank accounts or pay.

This would STOP this ridiculous system where some people put into the system entirely for the benefit of 'scroungers'   

Why is this idea important?

Its important that people remember their social and moral obligations and that future generations are educated to understand nothing comes for free. Otherwise we will just end up with a country full of freeloaders.

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  1. I feel this would further disincentivise work.
    I think it would be far better to time limit benefits, for those who are able to work.

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