There could be a scheme whereby every household could be asked to contribute a sum of their choice to the deficit.  They could chooose from the bottom level, of a price of a cup of coffee, or £2 and there would be no limit to the top level of how much people could give.  But it would be mandatory to take part. 

Businesses also would have to take part as well.  Anyone giving over £500 would be published in some way, so that people could see what businesses want to help.  There could also be some rewards, such as 50 separate lots of £1,000 each, which could be put into a draw, to be won. 

Local retail businesses could collect the money, such as someone reliable like M & S and if they collected the money, they would be free from giving any contribution.

Why is this idea important?

Everyone wants to help in some way and this allows the public to choose how much to give.  Everyone can afford a cup of coffee!

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