Very few specialist schools exist in the UK for pupils with behavioural problems, resulting in no option but to keep them in mainsteam schools where teachers are unable to concentrate on modifying their behaviour whilst educating mainstream children – therefore neither group receives the education they require. I know of one residential school which concentrates on the educational and behavioural needs of pupils aged from 7 to 18 which is privately run, but very few exist despite the excellent results and inspection reports. At present a pupil from Wales has to travel to England for such specialist care and education and likewise children fom other areas. It is about time the government faced up to the fact that there is an ever increasing problem with extreme behavioural problems in the UK which is impacting greatly on chidrens education, exacerbated by the fact that you are no longer allowed to stream childrens classes by ability or behaviour for fear of upsetting the children – well believe me, ignoring children whilst you try to calm a child throwing a chair across the room for example is upsetting to the children because of both the event itself and the fact that eager to learn children are sitting there waiting for their lesson. Teacher training has little in the way of managing childrens behaviour, but such establishments pride themselves on their staffs knowledge of behaviour modification, psychology and development as well as academic education.

Why is this idea important?

Both groups are losing out on education, nobody is reaching their potential and the problem is only going to get worse.

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