• In 2008/2009 the C.I.C.A. had an agreement with the BMA as to the payment rates made for the medical information of applicants.  This agreement is now at an end, GP's, medical institutions and health care workers can now charge what they believe is reasonable. (Which is usually very much over what the agreed rate for '08/'09 was). 


This money comes from the same "compensation pot" which is meant for the applicant.  This is unfair both to the applicant, and the medically trained as different rates are paid out.

Another agreement has to be put in place.


any compensation for these types of employees should be paid out of a scheme set up by their own organisations.

  • Also, police and prison officers are eligible to apply for this compensation:

Why is this idea important?

The budget (which is allocated by the government) is put under unreasonable stress and comes from the same "pot" which is meant for those who have " been physically or mentally injured because they were the blameless victim of a violent crime".

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