Dear Sir

My daughter (28) has been a youth worker in Leicestershire for around five years. She has one full-time role with young people in a major agency and helps out elsewhere with schemes at evenings and so on. Every time she applies for a new role she has to complete yet another form. She has more CRB checks than I have fingers! It is ridiculous.

Surely when she applies to help out a scheme for 2 hours on a Monday evening she should be able to refer managers to the clearance she has from her full-time role. Apparently the present system does not allow that.

Why is this idea important?

It must cut down on bureacracy to have a system where an applicant does not have to fill the same form in every time a new cheme or opportunity starts. The job done by the CRB agency is also mindlessly repeated. This is clearly a waste of time and energy.

I realise that CRB checks for adults who work with young people are vital – you only have to go back to Ian Huntley in Soham to realise that. But the current system is an overreaction and doubtless costing the taxpayer (ie me, my wife and my daghter) needlessly.

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