Criminal records are currently kept on the police computers for 100 years. This does not allow a person with a criminal record to become rehabilitated and find work without their past record being known. There are many well qualified people with criminal records that are spent, but still cannot find work. Why not delete criminal records after a suitable period and allow these people to find work, and get on with their lives.

Why is this idea important?

Many unemployed people have criminal records that are spent. But due to their records being kept on police computers for 100 years, and the fact that most jobs are exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, they cannot find work. Why not delete criminal records after a suitable period, and allow these people who are obviously rehabilitated get off the dole into employment. Keeping a persons record on police computers for 100 years is like punishing the person for the rest of their life.

Perhaps the records could be removed from the computers where CRB checks and other security services get there records, and put onto computers that only police use for finding if someone has committed offences in the past.

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  1. Why is it that people in the rest of Europe have there records wiped totally clean somewhere between 3 and 10 years for most criminal offences other than sexual offence and murder, whilst we in GB stand to be afflicted by them for the rest of our lives, even petty, silly little offences?

    Surely this goes against the whole policy of freedom of movement and fairness of opportunity of all people which the EU stands for.

    It would seem to me that people in the UK are been penalised quite inextricably for the rest of their life for their wrong-doing, thus effecting job prospects and socio-economic status, such relentless ongoing penalisation and blame with their past been constantly dragged up on past-spent convictions is wrong on so many levels.

    Meanwhile,If in the rest of Europe records are wiped then surely the same should apply to our own people, as they are currently been denied the same equal playing field to get a job that other EU citizens are enjoying.

    Why should our citizens be denied jobs and the same rights and opportunities to get on in our own country, whilst other EU citizens who’s records are wiped are allowed to apply and do just that!!

    Why are these people allowed to get on whilst ours UK citizens are still been penalised and effectively and ostracized from many jobs. This is cannot be right, maybe a politician would like to try to explain it.

    1. I totally agree. I have a caution from around 15 years ago. I had been pestered for months via my mobile by some old friends! I went round to them to say enough is enough and ended up on the floor being kicked by them. We were told to stay away from each other which was fine by me. 28 days later the police visited saying she was pressing charges as she was covered in bruises! I since learned that she was told that if I had a record I could no longer work in care. Well she was informed right I now work in a supermarket. I have a Nvq level 3/4 and loved my job. It’s just not fair

  2. Yes, I did not realise this happened in Europe. Our system is totally unjust & unfair !

    People are being punished decades after an offence has taken place.

  3. Every person on this planet including police have committed many crimes ,its just that not everybody has been court. why is it then that if we are all petty criminals some have the right to cast jugement on others and keep them ostracized for life, even though the they may now be a better person than the person who cast jugement on them

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