I was meant ot have made my point 100% clear but totally forgto to raise this,

Criminal records and cautions for petty crimes lets say 10 years old need to be deleted totally off the Police computer, obviously we know Sunita will make it certain or she is offering her proposal to never disclose records for minor crimes lets say 5 to 10 years old.  But ERASING them off the PNC is also required.

Why is this idea important?

The reason I suggest this is for people who had Qualifications like Degrees, Master or Phd students, and than they might have had a record, or someone who got the record and than later in life studied hard, got a degree went to university and changed,

( jusy look at the different that human has made to himeself/herself and to the society, paying tax, working hard, representing his country abroad etc…… also going completely straight in life, but than there will be that blurred vision were he/she will always remeber she has a record on the PCN, OK sunita report will take away the disclosure to work employers of petty records, but shouldnt these groups of people deserve the credit.

I know people who worked ard after falling in the crime trap, and they now are excellent peopl ein society.  I als know people who always had high qualification but than that one moment of stupidiness cost them a record, like shoplifting, sometimes people do make mistakes no matter how high you are in society and educated, but these are petty crimes, and should scar people for life, ok, 10 years, than they should totally be ERASED.

Please let them be erased totally.

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