If you are convicted of a crime the your human rights and criminals rights to use them should be revoked….you break the law and you forfeit the right to use them.

Also depending on the severity of the crime obviously, criminals should be restricted to house arrest (so keeping prisons free for actual serious offenders and four walls will drive you more nuts than prison), made to do public service between the hours of 9-6 (graffiti removal, cleaning dog poop off the streets, litter picking, restoration of public areas, tending elderly peoples houses, repainting, cleaning up the homes they wrecked, rubbish disposal, recycling, fly tipping clean up, cleaning hospitals, etc) everything that the council sees fit to do at a leisurly pace or not at all or for an extortiant rate, can be done so much faster by the criminals who break the law….then freeing the council to do more important jobs. plus it would give criminals a better idea of what work actually is…..akin to the chain gangs they have in america.

for more serious criminal acts that are a danger to society eg rapists paedophiles violent offenders they can be put to work inside the prison walls instead, yet again of having a holiday playing on playstations and xboxs….which brings me onto the point of luxury items in the cells – there should be none you want something to do read a book  – those items should be taken and given to kids who have nothing/donated to hospitals etc.

if you want to improve yourself then thats something that has to be earned by working on the "chaingang" and keeping out of trouble etc

Why is this idea important?

Because at the minute the current system is not working you get thrown in prison where you sit there have a happy holiday for a few years or months till you get let out to do exactly the same thing again.the taxpayer then has to suffer the bill for the courts, housing and feeding them and getting nothing out of it but more taxes seeing the criminals actually doing something i think will give the public a better sense of justice.plus it will brings peoples tax bills down for so called "council services" that can be done without the massive bill to the tax payer.

For all you people out there who think this is harsh or comes under "slavery" at what point did the people who break the law have any consideration fo rthe poeple whos lives they destroy……….if you want to break the law then suffer the consequences of that by your own actions….if you dont want to be treated in this way then dont break the law.

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