Instead of locking away certain criminals and wasting money we need to make them put something postive back into our society. It has a very negative impact on our society when someone does a crime, weather it's the people involved or the things that are destroyed/stolen. At the moment we lock them away where they will meet friends in common and find out more ways to do crime. Mostly we give criminals everything they need, they re-offend and don't put anything back. (around 70% of criminals re-offend!)

It could be that they would help the victims of crimes in some way or for the victims to at least have a say in what good they want them to do locally. This gives a certain power back to the people that have lost something by being the victim crime. In most cases victims are forgotten about and have to get on with things. This would help these people in a big way.

It could be that they help in our local communities and we have a say in what needs to be done. This should be asked at a community level as we live in all the areas of the community and know what needs to be done. I am sure there are thousands of things that need doing in our local communities. But it could be help build/restore/decorate community buildings/areas. Cleaning up certain areas of the community. Make certain areas/houses more pleasant to live in for people.

Make it full time job, however long they are given, and give them minimum wage whilst doing this community service so they can look after themselves and get back on their feet.

Why is this idea important?

Locally communities need work to be done.

Victims will get something positive back.

Making criminals put something positive back into the local community will teach them something good.

Earning money so that they will be looking after themselves will enable them to get back on their feet and show them they can do it.

We would lose the ammount of hours with prisoners adly twiddling there thumbs, waiting to get out to re-offend.

They won't be able to mix with as many criminals and learn about crime. They will be learning something good and maybe the start of a trade that they could continue with. i.e basic building work / gardening / decorating

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