The CSA treat every absent father as guilty until proved innocent. The powers that the CSA have are draconian and they simply will not listen to common sense. The whole system is based around a Robin Hood syndrome – take from one and give to another with no accountability.

I was taken to Court on an accusation of non payment of child support which was incorrect and discovered that the CSA owed me over £5k!  They admitted 2 months later that they did owe me money yet it took several more months plus a letter to 10 Downing St before a refund was processed. A clear example of maladministration yet the CSA refuse to pay my legal fees leaving me out of pocket due to their error.

I have been told that clothing I buy for my children does not count as child support but is a gift! If i do not buy their clothing then they have nothing to wear when visiting me as their mother refuses to supply anything on  the contact visits but  takes the money. The CSA ask the mother if this counts as maintenance, and expect to get an unbiased answer!

The percentages of income fathers are expected to pay are far to high and take no account of their own expenditure on housing, travel costs, etc nor the child benefit which is normally paid to the mother.

There are numerous examples of concerns over CSA actions on the Internet and I have spoken with other divorced fathers who have similar experiences  to mine.

Why is this idea important?

The CSA must cost enormous sums of money to run being based at different locations around the uk and with computer systems that seem unable to talk to each other. Surely the CSA should only exist as a last resort for fathers who do not support their children rather than as a catch all organisation. The cost savings would surely run into many millions and reduce friction between all parties. I believe the volume of complaints about the CSA continues to rise and that the Independent Case Examiner has a hugh backlog of cases to attend to.

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