Benefit rates are paid at a fixed amount based on a minimum required for day to day expenses and a little extra on top. Single parents who don't give details of absent parents should have a deduction of 10% of income support/JSA. This way, less is paid for no co-operation thus reducing benefits paid and where co-operation IS made, the absent parent loses £5 of benefit or a percentage of their salary and as any absent parent pursued by the CSA knows all too well, the PWC (parent with care) gets £80 a month as they are in receipt of benefits and the rest goes 'back into the system'

Why is this idea important?

Too many PWC's don't co-operate with the CSA and the CSA don't pursue these cases, opting for soft targets who have co-operated and get penalised financially.  This alienates absent parents further as they have less money to spend on their own siblings.  Also, the benefits budget far exceeds other, often far more important, budgetary needs and for the treasury, this would be a win-win scenario. Either the pwc loses money which they don't want to do or the absent parent pays and after money paid to the PWC, the remainder goes to the treasury

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