People have committed suicide over mistakes the CSA have made

They now have the power to take you to a magistrates court just because you have not received a letter from them

I am all for parents (that is both parents) paying their way but fathers are being prosecuted and persecuted so that the CSA (or whatever it is called now)  can clear up their books

They have the power to take you to magistrates court if

You dont reply to one of their letters

If you move address without telling them

They also send in the bailiffs whilst they are assessing you. That cannot be right

Reduce the power of the CSA

Why is this idea important?

Because there is not right of redress

If the CSA make a mistake nothing happens

I wrote the CSA and they didnt reply

They said they never got it

They wrote to me and I didnt get it

So off to court and £500 costs

Even their own barrister said it was the worst prosecution he had every had to do

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