I have been dealing with the CSA since February 2010 due to my ex stopping maintenance in January.  The CSA have been a complete nightmare as you never get to speak to the same person which is very annoying as you are then forced to re tell the same information over and over again.  I have been told several different dates for when my first payment would be received only to be left disapointed.  My ex doesn't have a bank account so a DEO dedution from earnings order was set up.  I received the payments schedule and thought that everything was sorted and that I knew where I stood,  this was not the case however.  The schedule failed to tell me that the employer had until the 19th of the FOLLOWING month to send the payment to the CSA, then upto a further 10 days to clear in my account, this needs changing.  Why does any employer need that amount of time to send the payment?  I am behind in my rent and have been forced to sell items to stay afloat.  I was told by a CSA rep that they usually verbally tell claimants about this they didn't tell me.  I recently received my first payment , it was a month late (the employer messed up) only to find the payment £60 short.  The CSA hadn't noticed this until I contacted them.  I was told as usual that they would look into this and that they would phone me within 48 hours, they didn't phone back.  When I contacted them (another person again) again was told that they would look into it, also that as usual that I would have to wait.  The CSA needs another overhaul with dedicated case workers that will know your case. 

Why is this idea important?

The parent with care are forced to wait and wait and are told conflicting information.  The DEO time table for payments need to be reduced as well as the time it takes for the payments to be received by the claimant.  The payments schedule needs to be written in plain English so as not to give people false hope that they know when and how much they will be paid.  Considering the current state of affairs everyone dealing with the CSA and DEO's need to know where they stand as currently this system is unfair and very cruel. 

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