I feel that the system needs reforming. It does not take account of my financial commitments, (how much it costs me to go to work, petrol, car parking charges) my maintanance payments are seen as more important than my other children or paying my mortgage. The CSA has no proof that the parent with care spends that money on the child, The CSA could issue vouchers to pay for the child food, clothes, swimming lessons etc., on my behalf.


 When I was in arrears I asked to pay in installments, I had to pay 70% of my weekly income, I feel that this was grossly unfair especially as when the parent with care owed me money she only had her money reduced by £4 a week, and I had to adjust my standing order.


I also feel that it is unfair that if I earn more than my partner, but we are still entittled to working tax credit that the total household income is taken into account when working out my payments. This means that the parent with care potentially is getting full tax credit entittlement and  maintanance, and the other family is significantly financially worse off.


I feel that the payments should be based on the parent without cares annual income only divided by 52 and that it should be reviewed annually.  I also feel that an allowance should be made for the costs incurred by getting to work. I also feel that the CSA should ensure that the amount to be paid is spent on the child directly, and that the child be made aware that the parent without care is responsibly contributing to thier upbringing.

Why is this idea important?

I feel that this is important to ensure that the system is more just and that the child benefits directly from the money paid. I also feel that it is important that the child learns from a third party that the parent without care is contributing to thier upbringing, in terms that they can understand,  as children are often told different things, and don't know who to believe or who is telling them the truth.

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