Curb nuisance laws to protect long standing activities against vociferous new residents by presuming in favour of long standing activities such as church bells, local pubs, village halls, old airfields, farms, etc..

In many parts of the USA such activities aquire "Grandfather rights" providing the noise (or similar intrusion) does not increrase.  Wouldn't we, as citiens be better to choose a property because of its location knowing that we cannot expect it to change for our convenience?

This can be done by directive rather than a law change, being cost effective to implement.

Why is this idea important?

For too long we hear on the news of a local campaign, started by a new resident who has chosen to buy a property next to the church, the village hall or farm, then to campaign for the activity to be curtailed or even closed.

This has happened at many sites across the country, costing councils many thousand of pounds in officer time and great heartache to others.  In addition, it sends out a strong message that this coalition supports the local community.

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