Civil Libertes are not something separate to tax enforcement. You can now invade our homes and take what you like anytime you feel like it; if we are stupid enough to try to run a business or pay rates. The legal system, flawed as it is, is expediently dispensed with. So – as with the dunking stool – we get to pay for our own harrassment and possible demise. I've seen a raid close up and the Police used it as an exercise to vent their frustration. The raid became a way for them to administer summary, unmoderated and – in this instance – wholly unjustified punishment. Irrespective of how well or otherwise the process is administered and enforced how can you as a coalition claim to be restoring civil liberties when it was you who have added to their erosion at such a fundamental level by widening powers of home entry to include any business operating from home? That's just cynical hypocracy.

Why is this idea important?

You're acting in total opposition to your stated aims. I for one do not have the perfect faith in your enforcement systems that you appear to, and the principle of extra-legislative punishments being avoided unless palpably essential seems to have escaped you. Adding one more – the total disruption of someone's sacrosanct living space on yet another official's ill-judged whim is yet one more reason to avoid any involvement with the unpleasant apsects of earning a living through a regulated system. The whole reason people become self-employed is to avoid idiotic and heavy handed systems of authority – but here you go again. Sod that.

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