I am not quite sure whether or not there is a law or regulation which permits the Health Dept to exaggerate potential health problems to the extent that very minor ailments (such as ‘catching a cold’) are seen by the public to be life-threatening. Certainly, some people will die if they ‘catch a cold’, but these people are in a very, very small minority. There is no reason that the vast majority should believe that their lives are at risk if they catch a cold. We see the Health Dept, more and more, spreading rumours that ALL the people’s lives are at risk from ANY ailment, whether it a great or a small risk. It seems to me to be true that the Health Dept has built itself into a MAGNIFICENT EDDIFICE on the basis of possible but minor risks. There are many examples, but one or two will suffice.


Every year, I get a letter from my doctor asking me to go for a flu jab. I am old, but not unhealthy. I believe that my body is quite capable of fighting the flu. The only effect of the letter is to scare me and to keep me scared. I do not want to live what is left of my life in a state of perpetual fear. I therefore bin the letter and try to forget it. I have also had letters asking me to go for prostate checks and other things. The same applies.


I believe that whatever law or regulation permits the Health Dept to waste billions of taxpayers’ money only to scare people to death and keep them scared should be repealed/amended.

Why is this idea important?

The importance of this idea is, of course, in the first instance, to cut the costs of the Health Dept and the costs incurred by our doctors who have to send out these pointless letters. But, also, the Health Dept needs to be cut down to size. Think of the hundreds of civil servants involved in the production and dissemination of these initiatives. Further, it ought not to be a purpose of the Health Dept to terrorise people. We have enough to contend with. For example, anyone with any sense can see that the tobacco scare is much exaggerated. There is no doubt about it.


The cost of the Health Dept could be halved at a stroke if only the politicians would clearly define its role – as perceived by non-health professionals!

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