In many sectors there is layer after layer of costly management.  As soon as cut backs are suggested everyone looks at front line staff where staff are already thin on the ground.  The NHS and Housing sectors are bogged down with layers of management and non jobs. I realise that initially there would be costly redundancies but this would save money in the long run.  With a simplified management structure many organisations would benefit from less of their budget going into that and more into effective daily running. 

Why is this idea important?

Would save a lot of money for the tax payer without crippling services.

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  1. Absolutely correct. There is a blog by an ex-Microsoft employee where he points out that the people given the job of making redundancies are never going to make themselves redundant. There was one dept in MS that sacked all its technical staff leaving just the managers – with no-one for them to manage. When I was a kid schools were run perfectly efficiently by the headmaster, his deputy, his secretary and a bursar. I got out of education quickly when I found it drowning in over-management and management-speak.

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