If you are looking to start pruning public spending there’s no better place to start than with Government and Democracy itself.

Firstly, there are far too many MPs at Westminster.  Most of the actual work seems to get done by a couple of hundred MPs. The rest of them seem to spend their time getting drunk in Westminster subsidised bars. So, let’s just reduce it right down to about 215 MPs (i.e. cut it down to a third). Each MP should also have an equally sized constituency. Then, it might be possible to pay an MP a bit more (to attract a higher calibre of candidate) and they could have a larger, paid team, to help with the additional casework.

Just think about it for a moment. Think of the 3 constituencies that surround you. Would it really be such a problem to combine those 3 constituencies and have a much larger team of MP’s workers serving you?

Then, let’s reduce the number of tiers of local Government. Let’s say there can only be two tiers (Parish and County), at the most. That would remove a huge amount of waste duplication and confusion.

I would go further and suggest that we do NOT automatically hold by-elections unless it is absolutely critical, EVEN for Parliament. For instance, there’s absolutely no point in holding a by-election for some obscure parish ward, at the cost of nearly £7,000, when there’s perhaps only one year of office to run. They could just co-opt someone on to the council.

Additionally – if there’s only going to be Conservative vs. Lib Dem – why not just have a Coalition candidate, and if no one challenges, don’t bother having a ballot.

We are probably spending , each year, 100s of millions of pounds on pointless elections.




Why is this idea important?

There are far too many MPs at Westminster. It is simply a waste of public money.  Most of the actual work seems to get done by a couple of hundred MPs.

There are too many tiers of local Government, leading to waste and confusion as to who is responsible for what.

There are far too many pointless elections being held, particularly by-elections. 

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