Police red tape has increased massivly into the last 4 years. Police officers spending 50% of their time filling forms. As a result of this, social problems have grown all over the country.
Many people have forgotten how to be good neighbours & bare responsibility for their actions.
If police officers were able to spend more time on the street, social crime WOULD fall.
Police officers are constantly under attack for not doing the job in sorting out social crime, we are all responsible but the goverment we have had for the last 13 years have tied the hands of police forces all over they country.
Children in schools are taught, at the age of 10, what their rights are under arrest, as a result police officers are constantly ignored by young people.

Why is this idea important?

I believe that if the police were given back some of their powers and less bound up in red tape, that our country would start to repair it social problems.
So let’s stop tying police officers hands and enable them to do their job

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