Too many people end up with a Criminal Record for a comparatively Minor offence,often a stupid error of judgement or act  out of character at the time.I.E. getting drunk at a time of personal stress or tragedy.This results in a "sentence" of a 12 month conditional discharge.This is still a Criminal Offence and is kept on Record for LIFE.This person may never commit any further acts during their entire life but it will continue to ruin their life at every juncture.It is shown up every time that they apply for employment,through the criminal checks,Prevents them from emigrating to a different Country.Stops them in so many other ways from leading a normal and productive life.Why can't these Minor offences have a time limit set that say after 5 years of Good Behaviour these are struck off the Records.Give people a second chance,as it is, I have heard all too often,the veiw expressed that as their life has now been ruined there is no point in not continuing to offend.Give a dog a bad name and it sticks.Give them a chance and most would never re-offend.

Why is this idea important?

This idea would save considerable money by not having to deal with repeat offenders.It would also give people an incentive to look forward to a productive life instead of a "no Hope" outlook.

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