Public money appears to be going around in a circle, and on the way appears to be paying to keep people in the tax office busy unnecessarily at public expense.

The government pays salaries to the public sector, but at the same time takes a proportion back, involving the resources of Revenue & Customs to process. 

My concept is simply to remove the requirement for ALL public sector workers to pay tax and NI contributions by also simply reducing their pay from their current taxable gross salary level to what their net take home pay level would ordinarily be.

Conceptually, it seems an unnecessary step to pay a public worker with public money, and then spend public money on the processing required to take some of that money back in the form of tax and NI and any subsequent tax rebate claims.

Any tax rebate that a worker would normally be entitled to should be built into the terms and conditions of being a public sector worker and claimed as an expense.  This might also help to reduce tax avoidance by the fact that they would need to claim any extra allowance or expense from their employer rather than the faceless tax man.

Why is this idea important?

Its important to avoid unnecessary wasted resources and make the most efficient use of public money.

Of course there will be arguments against my idea on basic points that I haven't considered, but the concept here is to streamline public sector bureaucracy and hopefully at least may spark some other practical ideas along the same lines.

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