Management in the N.H.S as a level that is no longer sustainable or needed, I work in  a large hospital and our department has 54 employees, to control our department there are no fewer than 4 supervisors, 2 managers, 2 higher managers and 1 controlling manager, why, our department runs itself wheather they are there or not so whay this waste of public money, we also have a smoking cessation manager whose job it is to convince people to stop smoking, thats all he does, and his wage for this £39,000 per year absolute waste of money.

The N.H.S is top heavy with penpushers costing hundreds of thousands of pounds per year, if cut backs are needed this is where to start. 

Why is this idea important?

I work in front line services and when i see cutbacks to these services but yet more penpushing manager jobs created which have nothing to do with patient care, i feel that money should be taken from these management jobs and put back where it matters, front line services and patient care   

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