I have observed how the BREAAM guidance has been utilised on many new build schemes often within the public sector projects 

It is heavy handed, cumbersome and onerous and seems to produce nothing of real tangible value to projects but does increase building costs, particularly at the design stages on projects that are usually funded from the public purse

Now, I understand the requirements of good environmental practice but many of these regs are completely spurious and often the whole exercise becomes a box ticking operation to gain a few more credits.

There are usually qualified professional consultants engaged on such new build projects who will have the experience and skill to consider the environmental benefits at the most cost effective route, without incurring all the extra cost and time involved in achieving this point scoring exercise

Why is this idea important?

To reduce costs on publicly funded projects

To reduce professional costs associated with new build projects

To reduce and simplify design lead-in times on new projects

To allow professionally qualified consultants to use common sense approaches to the environmental aspects of new developments

To reduce red tape and bureaucracy

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