1) We should allow schools to sell vegetable peelings to pig farmers. I think there is some health & safety law which currently prevents this. Even if schools charged nothing for the peelings and the farmers came and collected them it would surely save on the cost of waste disposal. Kids could help by scraping waste from their plates into the correct container and so feel they were helping the environment.

2) I work in a college of further education. The paper, files & poly pockets thrown away at the end of each term is mind blowing. On a daily basis reams of paper are thrown in the bin in amongst plastic bottles, coffee cups, coke cans and unwanted food. Surely if this paper waste (quality A4 paper) was managed properly it must have value for recycling. Why is the college paying a firm to try and pull the paper from amongst decaying food? It seems poor use of resources at every level to me. I worked in two colleges – one on Merseyside and one in Cheshire and had identical experience in both.

3)Make colleges and schools use 70gram paper for administrative work instead of 80 gram. It uses far less storage space, is better for the environment and its cheaper.

4) Do away with open plan office space in public services. They are just one giant talking shop. Great for team building. Total nightmare for productivity.

Why is this idea important?

Resources shouldn't be wasted. The throw away society should end now.

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