Scrap the £1,000 fine for cycling on footpaths and return to using the discretion of police officers. 

Why is this idea important?

Often for cyclists to use a footpath rather than the main carriageway is safer for the cyclist and more convenient for the motorist.  On some roads in my area many are quite narrow and a cyclist on the carriageway can severely restrict a cyclist the flow of traffic.  To my knowledge the existing regulation is seldom enforced.  Of course, in pedestrian only areas cycling must be prohibited.  In such areas skateboarding is equally dangerous and invalid carriages can sometimes cause a hazard, but this law covers neither.   Moreover, the existing legislation does not apply to private shopping arcades.  No doubt there are other activities which are similarly dangerous and which will slip through any legislation.  Hence, leave it to police officers to use common sense and react appropriately.

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