I propose that is should no longer be an offence for the followng people to ride on the footpath

-children under 16 years 

-any adult accompanying that child, not exceeding one adult per child unless in a family group

This would encourage children and families to ride bicycles for short journeys.

If schools were required to provide enclosed and secure cycle lockers for children who used their bicycle for more than 75% of days (dip-sampled and withdrawn if not occupied by a bicycle for the required proportion), there would be a huge increase in children cycling to and from school.

It should also no longer be an offence for

-any person to cycle on the footpath where the vehicle speed limit exceeds 30 mph ie outside built up areas. These roads are too fast for bicycles and motor vehicles to co-exist and are rarely used by pedestrians these days.

The offences of careless and dangerous cycling already exist and should remain.

Why is this idea important?

I have been an operational Police Officer for 30 years in a metropolitan force and have never come across a pedestrian injured by any bicycle, let alone a carefully ridden one. I have, however, come across many cyclists killed or seriously injured by motor vehicles, and as a result, have watched an exponential increase in car journeys, particularly for the school run, short family outings and trips into the local countryside.

5 Replies to “Cycling on the footpath”

  1. This is a bad idea- it is illegal to cycle on the footpath for a reason.

    My cousin was hit by a cyclist on the footpath when he was 10. He suffered massive brain damage as a result of his injuries and is now severely disabled. If roads are deemed too dangerous to cycle on, cyle routes should be provided. Whilst there are many competent and reasonable cyclists out there, there are also many reckless ones- reckless cyclists and pedestrians DO NOT MIX.

  2. Good idea. I would not encourage my children to ever cycle on the road. All it takes is one careless driver for it to end in tragedy.

  3. I would take this further and say that bikes should be banned from the road. In 2012 119 people lost their lives due to accidents on the road, 13 of these where children that will never grow up. In total nearly 20,000 people were injured in some way. Are the statistics for accidents on the footpath anywhere near this?? My children will be riding their cycles on the path full stop! I’d rather have an officer call to ask for a fine than call to tell my child isn’t coming home!

    Where is the common sense?? A pedestrian and a cyclist weigh roughly the same, a car is roughly 10 times heavier than a cyclist and made from metal!

  4. A speeding cyclist on a foot path traveling way to fast hit me, I was scoffed at by his fellow cyclists in fact verbally abused .
    I assure you it was not a pleasant experience but had it been a small child it is not beyond belief the child could have died these bullies on bikes are a nightmare

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