These supposed 'green' crusaders are clogging up streets in every city across the UK, causing more problems than they solve by slowing up automotive traffic. They aren't the solution, they are part of the problem.

Why is this idea important?

Cyclists should be made accountable. As a regular city commuter (enforced to use a car due to the nature of my work), I have had to pay out a fortune for scratch repairs to my car due to the negligence and bloody-mindedness of cyclists. I also spend more time queueing in traffic during the summer months because of cyclists meandering 2 or 3-abreast down congested city streets.

They are not saving the planet, they are making a nuisance of themselves, causing more congestion than they claim to solve, and ride away scot-free from incidences of willfull damage to other peoples' property. It's time it stopped.

Bikes must be registered to owners and carry a registration plate. And they should also be insured, to help pay for damage to other vehicles.

Finally, they MUST be made to comply with the rules of the road.

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  1. I very much support this proposal. HMG could start by requiring all cyclists (over 18) to register with the National Cycle Database within 12 months and then introduce a compulsory liability insurance and a 30% RFT. The Highway Code should be revised re cycle paths and horses etc and the RTA should ban the use of pavement and bring them into line (single file on roads), swerving in and out of traffic, crossing red lights, riding across crossings etc. There can then be no complaints about cyclists using the roads. Whether they should be allowed free parking at stations is another area where other travellers subsidise them.

  2. Cyclists should be identifiable. I have personally been subject to abuse by speeding cyclists and have seen both walkers and dogs being hit by selfish individuals who refuse to use a bell to warn of their approach. There does not seem to be any rules as to where they can go as they flaunt any ” no cycling ” signs and lift their bikes over fences or other obstacles. They also seem to think it’s ok to ride along footpaths and expect people to get out of their way ! Something needs to be done.

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