Repeal whatever daft law permits cycists on the road with having taken no driving test and not having paid for a licence and who do not display a registration number.


No-one should be permitted on the road unless they have been properly trained.  This is in the interests of cyclists most of all.


Then start to enforce against cyclists and motorcyclists whose dangerous driving is a menace to everyone.  (Not all I hasten to add.  A small minority are capable and safe).

Why is this idea important?

This will save lives. 

It will remove a signficant cause of stress to motorists who spend most of their lives saving the lives of careless cyclists/motorcyclists.

It will produce an income for maintaining the pointless cycleways stolen from the highway.  Cyclists will pressure for proper cycle lanes separated from traffic once they find they are paying.

Like bus lanes.  A good idea if they are built.  A stupid sleight of hand where they simply occupy space which was built to be a roadway.

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