i would like to see the dangerous dog act repealled as this act has done nothing but murder innocent dogs.A dog in my view is only a reflection of its owner,all dogs can bite, I agree that if a pit bull type bites it causes more physical damage but figures show that you are more likely to be bitten by a dachshound than a pit bull type .The other thing the axt has done is to make these dogs more desirable to the wrong type of owner ,I am a dog rescue & the only dog i have been bitten by(requiring hospital treatment ) was by a Lhasa Apso which resulted in me having ten stiches in my face ,which didnt raise a eyebrow with the media etc ,but there again it wouldnt sell newspapers ,I agree that some sort of dog control is required ,my thoughts are along the lines of the system used to register cars ,Compulsery micro chipping would be a ideal way as in that every dog would be registerd to a owner , Any dog found without a microchip would go to the council pound & be available for re homing a be microchipped to the new owner , it would also be the last registerd owners duty to report a change of owner/adress ,and would be responsable for the dog until details are updated this would then open the doors for fines etc to be enforced,which would fund the scheme. i would like to recieve your response thankyou .

                                                     mr N Holmes a dog lover

Why is this idea important?

to save innocent dogs from death We should blame the deed not the breed

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