The 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act and, more pertinently, the Section 1 element that seeks to deem dogs dangerous by virtue of nothing more than what they happen to look like.  Instead it is owners who should be held responsible for the actions of their pets; all dogs should be microchipped (which gives a record of ownership), neutered at 6months (exceptions to apply), and possible reintroduction of licensing (the microchip record would prove invaluable here). Dog wardens and police would have available microchip readers which would make tracking owners much easier.

Why is this idea important?

Many, many totally innocent animals are being held at great expense, and either dying in custody or being put down, just because of their looks. It is apparently irrelevant that most have never attacked anybody, nor ever will.  Putting dogs down because of what they look like is quite barbaric, why not lock up all tattooed skinheads using the same logic? (scrap that last comment)

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