The Dangerous Dogs Act was passed in a panic after a few dogs mauled family members one summer.

Since then we have seen the rise of hybrid dogs, bred and used for antisocial behaviour by druggies and thugs.

Why not beef up the old cruelty to animals legislation and do away with this ineffectual Act. The police are paying fortunes of our money for secret kenneling of suspected 'dangerous breeds' while appeals drag on?. That would deal with neglect and cruelty.

Regarding yobs with dogs, why not add an additional penalty to any offence committed whilst in possession of a dog, such as robbery or drug possession/dealing and then ban such people for life from possessing a dog. Any dog found in the criminal's possession should be immediately destroyed


Why is this idea important?

The police bill for kenneling dogs is onerous and costly

The use of dogs by the criminal fraternity is degrading inner city and estate life, whilst decent people are intimidated by yobs with attack dogs

The use of nasty, aggressive dogs is contributing to the image of a 'Broken Britain' that the PM wishes to address 

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