Revise the roll of the Information Commissioner to make the Commissionn concentrate on important data protection aspects and to give it powers to prosecute the big organisations, such as HM Customs & Excise, which dish out our confidential information with impunity.

At the other end of the scale,  the Commission makes a ridiculous charge on all organisations to fund it. The small Parish Council for which I work is charged £35 per annum by the Commission.  There are two pints here: 

1 The Commission does absolutely nothing useful for this £35.  It claims it produces 'guidance notes.  Well, I don't want guidance notes at a cost of £35 pa thank you.

2 There must be an enormous number of organisations which have to pay a compulsory fee.  There are 10000 Parish Councils in England and Wales, so the Commission must be employing an army of money collectors and bean counters.

Why is this idea important?

The idea is important because recent data protection events have shown that the Commission is not concentrating on the important issues and furthermore, it is burdening the small organisations with its bloated costs.

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