We have this month seen yet another release of UFO files, but are they really what was to be expected and is there more to this than meets the eye?

Those are the questions I’m asking as I still truly believe that the MoD hold back certain files in relation to UFO reports and incidents. A perfect example is my own encounter back in March 1993 which became known as the “Cosford Incident”. To this day it still remains a mystery and to this day the MoD still refuse to officially comment in detail about the incident.

So what have we seen released this time?

Well, Sir Winston Churchill was accused of covering up a close encounter between an RAF aircraft and a UFO during the Second World War, newly-released files have revealed.

The former prime minister allegedly ordered that the unexplained incident over the east coast of England should be kept secret for at least 50 years because it would provoke "mass panic".

The claim, made in 1999 by a scientist who said his grandfather was one of Churchill's bodyguards, is recounted in declassified Ministry of Defence UFO files made available online by the National Archives.

The man, who is not named in the files, said Churchill was reported to have exclaimed: "This event should be immediately classified since it would create mass panic amongst the general population and destroy one's belief in the church."

Other incidents recorded in the 18 MoD files, which cover the years 1995 to 2003, include the famous 1974 UFO sighting over the Berwyn Mountains in North Wales, which officials concluded could be explained by a combination of an earthquake and a meteor.

The files also reveal a man went to RAF Stanmore in north London to warn military police he had dreamed that a bomb would explode in London in the "near future". About eight to nine weeks later, in May 1990, RAF Stanmore was targeted by a terrorist bombing.

They include a memo revealing that RAF jets were scrambled to investigate unexpected objects picked up on radar 200 times a year during the Cold War – but that this fell to zero after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

My own view and comment on this is as follows, “Whatever you believe about UFOs, there's some fascinating material in these real life X-Files. Most of these sightings turned out to be misidentifications of things like aircraft lights or meteors, but a small proportion could not be explained, like the Cosford Incident of 1993 and the Rendelsham Forest incident. It remains reality today that there is clearly something happening in the skies above our heads, but it is only a matter of time before we really know the truth and we see full disclosure on the subject.

Maybe the new coalition government can shed light on it, as we now know that back in January 2009 Mr David Cameron himself said “if I become prime minister I will entirely open and frank”, he also said ““I do believe in freedom of information and openness and this question has been asked from time to time, and I think we should be as open and clear as possible.”

“What has tended to happen when people have looked at the Roswell incident, or when people have looked at pictures, is a rational explanation tends to be produced to try and show what has happened is not what those who believe in UFOs suggest.

“But I think we should be as open as possible, so I would be quite happy to give you a guarantee that if I became Prime Minister I would always be entirely open and frank about these things.

“I don’t think any of us have any clue whether there’s intelligent life out there and it is certainly not something that any Government should seek to hide from anyone.”

We have still yet to get this from Mr Cameron, but only time will tell. So we go on watching the skies in the hope that one thing will all be revealed.

Why is this idea important?


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