De-criminalize, tax and regulate cannabis in the same way we do with alcohol and tobacco.

Why is this idea important?

There are many reasons why I think this should be done.  For starters, ordinary users, who are often otherwise law-abiding citizens should not have to live in fear of prosecution for something which is actually less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco, and have their lives ruined as a result, this also costs the taxpayer needlessly as people are dealt with through the police, courts, ect.. when valuable resouces could be put to use dealing with REAL criminals.
Also, if cannabis were de-criminalized, it could be regulated, and its use and distibution carefully controlled (i,e, not sold to anyone under the age of 18), as is done in countries such as Holland, and would also take it out of the hands of criminal gangs.   You couid also put tax onto it, which would mean more revenue for the Government  (we need all the extra revenue we cn get to sort out our current deficit).     

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